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1. Human nature that was born on December 1, 9 & 24 In general, this man is quiet and conservative. But with certain people he quickly intimate. But the man who was born this date easily offended. Because it was causing a lot of people who do not like it. But as soon as he remains admired for being serious, especially relating to the public. In terms of romance, she could do anything simply to satisfy all human desires. But be careful sometimes he's more interested in friendship than romance and more willing to decide his love for the sake of a friendship that has existed for long. 2. Human nature that was born on December 2, 11 & 30 He was sensitive and easily offended. Its made him more reclusive homebody. Many people like to hang out because perwatakannya denganya gentle & friendly. He hated when his love is rejected or betrayed by someone who really loves. But once he was always being patient and not rush in acting. Unfortunately for the future of her affairs pessimistic often succumb before trying. By then there should be a push to not continue to get stuck with an attitude of pessimism. 3. Human nature that was born on December 3, 18 & 29 Patient and even-tempered is a typical trait for humans who were born on this date. But do not try mempermain play it, he will rampage violently. He is considered a prudent and responsible human beings. Honest & friendly nature is the main capital in the mix. But in a matter of love he is a man who is hard to understand. 4. Human nature that was born on December 4, & 13 Man born on this date was an intelligent, gregarious and easy to change opinions. He was often not sure of yourself. In the matter of love, he's a womanizer human beings and like to rotate partners. These properties make the people do not like what else to sympathize with him. He often are cold to others because they think someone else is a factor causing the problem. But he has the character banter, laugh and sometimes easily be extended to the pups. 5. Human nature that was born on December 5 & 17 who were born on this date is an optimist, aspiring and have a tendency to excel. But once he was a strong character and what they want selalunya dipenuhi.Memandangkan something selalunya favorable terms. But unfortunately, he likes to take them for granted in other people. In the matter of love, be careful because she likes to rotate people. 6. Human nature that was born on December 6, 14 & 27 He is a man who does not want to lose and never give up. Honesty and fairness is a trait that made him respected. In the matter of love he wanted to give the best to his loved ones. But once the price was too high so that she could never understand why a person is refused the kindness. 7. Human nature that was born on December 7, 28 & 31 He is a man who is open & honest forthright. But he was easily influenced and want to achieve something is the easy way. Love him frequently as a filler diertikan lapang.Semasa the fuck he's very careful and loves to seduce and cheat human if he left it with ease. 8. Human nature which was born on 8 & 23 He is humane and easy to taste. To friends she is gentle and wise. But once she was eliminated from friends because of low self-esteem that is too thick. He requires a balanced atmosphere both during the day thinking and in life. The most prominent weakness is nervous and always haunted by the feeling khuatir but he was a penjimat. In matters of love, he was a brave and willing to make sacrifices. 9. Human nature which was born on December 10, 16 & 21 Like to work hard, have a high appetite in order to achieve its goals. In daily life he is a person who easily offended. But once he's an honest and courageous in facing the problem. About love he is very loyal and that's because he's easy groove. But he was a very jealous. If either he's very good and evil if he is the most evil person. 10. Human nature was born on 12 & 19 People born on this date have properties like praise. He hoped everyone would take it as champion. Basically he likes to dress up and dress neatly. so he often spends his money to show her appearance. In everyday life he was a respected man because of talent kepimpinannya. Its wise to make him respected in the association. In matters of love, he is a man who is very hard to believe. 11. Human nature that was born on December 15, 20 & 26 Do not expect romantic nature of human beings who were born on this date. He is classified in the less serious, being silly in the face of things. But once he's always been understanding when dealing with something problem. He really hated that smell contemplates the commotion, especially that caused a riot. In terms of romance she demanded to be given more attention, but he rarely took the weight of the human. But once his comrades olih groove. 12. Human nature which was born on 22 & 25 temperament most difficult to understand. Sometimes he liked for his kindness, and sometimes he was hated because of his actions. But for my friends he is a man full of understanding. In various situations he'd rather humble themselves are rarely willing to highlight the benefits to others. Human kind is known as a seducer and therefore he was given the nickname of an artist romance. On 1 Easy to be affected, like acting rashly, ingenious and clever in all the work On 2 Good mind, jaunty, tenacious, never give up, but has no permanent establishment and changeable. On 3 Friendly, clever take heart, thoroughly, preferably friends Tamen, jaunty, but if there are wants not be prevented from again. On 4 Both the liver, has many friends, have initiative, good speaking style and cheap fortune. On 5 Many of will, not easily satisfied with what you have, have a high discipline, if the work was never completely. On 6 Forgetful, spendthrift, lazy, slow thinking, do not like to deal with the heavy-weight, but have many friends. On 7 Clever, have a smart brain, never feel satisfied with what one has and likes to flit lover. On 8 Clever hang out, have many friends, kind, polite and had a great willingness. On 9 Both the liver, rather grumpy, happy to help people in distress, hard-hearted, but refused to budge. On 10 Like looking face, happy to be praised, brangasan, likes to act rashly and somewhat lazy. On 11 Clever put yourself well, love of truth, fair and impartial. On 12 Generous, diligent, intelligent decisions, like things nice and would not hesitate to help people who liked. On 13 Clever talking, good at putting themselves in the association, smart, not like regulated and not easily discouraged. December 14 hanging Clever, kind, love of science, clever take heart and easy to find fortune. On 15 Faithful friends, self-sacrificing, kind, respectful to parents, but easily influenced. On 16 Both the liver, somewhat shy, helpful, irritable and somewhat vindictive. On 17 Clever hang out, have lots of friends, cheerful honest and like to come clean. 18 Smart, a bit extravagant, high taste, like the all beautiful, skilled in all things, vengeful. On 19 Quick tempered, impatient, kind, not tegaan and always be social with anyone. On 20 Establishment is not fixed, easily consumed gossip, lack of confidence in yourself and a bit lazy. On 21 Glad to be praised, kind, generous, have extensive experience and helpful. On 22 Fair, not biased, like work, have a lot of knowledge, and easily tempted by the subtle seduction. On 23 Clever outgoing, good at looking for the source of livelihood, quick-tempered but not vindictive. On 24 Honest, sincere, has a strong stance, not materialistic and sportsmanship. On 25 Like peace, love peace, experts think and have a strong imagination. On 26 Like to act rashly, not good at making decisions, lack of thorough and easily tempted. On 27 Love of peace, have many friends, good at putting themselves and refused to budge. On 28 Have initiative, well-spoken, his mind always produce a good plan, but rather use the opportunity of narrowness. On 29 Hard head, not tegaan, if there are wants and not be prevented from always trying to get what they want with determination. On 30 Clever lead, not easily discouraged, have many friends, tough and clever to find his fortune. 31 Clever put themselves, like praise, easily influenced, fast in every job. BY NATURE OF YOUR BIRTH MONTH! January: * Aspiring high and serious person. * Like educate and be educated. * Very easy to see the weaknesses of others and like to criticize. * Diligent and every created is always make a profit. * Like berbenah/bersih-2x and 2x the all-regular. * Is sensitive, deep-minded. * Clever take care of others. * Quiet unless it has stimulated. * A bit shy and crave pedestal that can be trusted. * Easy to discipline yourself. * Her body was healthy but vulnerable to influenza. * Be romantic but not clever exhibit / show it. * Self-pity in the kids. * Like stay at home. * Faithful to everything. * Need to learn to live socializing. * Having a sense of jealousy that is very high. February: * minded abstract. * Like the real and abstract objects. * Intelligent, wise and genius. * Having a volatile personality. * Easy to captivate others. * A bit quiet, shy and humble. * Honest and loyal to everything. * Hard hearts to reach the goal. * Do not like restrained. * Easy to rebel when restrained. * Emotion is very sensitive and easily hurt. * Easy to showcase & memperlihatkanamarahnya. * Like consort but not flaunt it. * Very bold and rebellious. * Aspiring high and likes to daydream and hope to realize their dreams. * Pemerhatian sharp. * Like the entertainment and delight in things that are art. * Very romantic in its innards, but not on its outcome. * Tend toward the object that superstition. * Very easy and may be too extravagant. * Must learn to exhibit emotions. March: * attractive and charming personality. * Easy accompanied. * Very shy and pemendam taste. * Very good, honest, generous and easy sympathy. * Highly sensitive to the words spoken and the nature around. * Like in peace. * Very sensitive to others. * In accordance with the work that gave solemn to others. * Not quick-tempered and very kind. * Know and remember the kindness of people reply. * Pemerhatian and assessment is very sharp. * The tendency to hold grudges if not controlled. * Like daydream. * Like travel. * Very spoiled and like to be given attention is very high. * Dark fog in choosing a mate. * Like with household decoration. * Got artistic talent in music. * The tendency to privilege and good things. * Do not be so moody. April: * Very active and dynamic. * Fast acting make quick decisions but regret. * Very attractive and good at pampering. * Have a very strong mental power. * Like given attention. * Very diplomatic, smooth-tongued, be friends and good at solving problems of people. * Very brave and no feeling of fear. * Like adventure, loving, affectionate, polite and generous. * Emotions quickly disturbed. * Try control the emotion. * The tendency to be vindictive. * Aggressive, murky fog to make a decision. * Strong retention. * The motion is very strong heart. * Clever push yourself and motivate others. * Diseased around the head and chest. * Very jealous and too jealous. May: * Violence hearts & gnarly. * Strong passion and highly motivated. * Thought sharp. * Easy to anger if not controlled. * Clever attract the hearts of others and attract attention. * The feeling is very deep. * Pretty in terms of mental and physical. * No need to be motivated. * Keep the establishment but easily influenced by others. * Easily persuaded. * Be systematic (left brain). * Like daydream. * Strong power of premonition, to understand what occurred in the hearts of others without being told. * The ear and neck easily attacked by disease. * Operation of high fantasy. * Thought sharp. * Clever debate. * Physical good. * The weakness of the respiratory system. * Like literature, art and music and travel. * Not how many like to sit / stay at home. * May not sit still. * Do not have many children. * Diligent and high spirited. * A bit extravagant. June: * minded far & insightful. * Easy to use / used the krn good attitude. * Behave gently. * Easy to change attitudes, temperament, ideas and moods. * Idea is too much in the head. * Be sensitive. * His brain is active (always thinking). * It is hard to do something immediately. * Be procrastinator. * Being too choose and always want the best. * Fast & quick mad cool. * Like to talk and argue. * Like making jokes / jokes & joke. * His brain smart daydream. * Easy & clever consort. * People who are very orderly. * Clever show off attitude. * Easily discouraged. * Easy to get influenza. * Like clean / clean-2x. * Quickly bored. * Review your attitude too fussy. * Less exhibit feelings. * Slow to recover when hurt his heart. * Easy to become an executive. * Intractability uncontrolled. * Having principles Who praises me is my enemy but who admonished me is my friend. July: * Very pleased if assisted. * Many secretive and difficult to understand, especially men's 2x. * Somewhat quiet except diransang. * Do not like it difficult to others but not angry if not troubled. * Easily persuaded. * Very maintain heart / feelings of others. * Very friendly. * Emotions are very deep but easy to hurt. * Skill sentimental. * Rarely grudge. * Easy to forgive but hard to forget. * Guiding physically and mentally. * Highly sensitive, loving and compassionate. * Serving all men equally. * High Power sympathy. * Pemerhatian sharp. * Like to judge others. * Easy and diligent study. * Like commemorate events or old friend. * Like silent. * Like sit / stay at home. * Like waiting for a friend but do not look for friends. * Not aggressive unless forced. * Weak health in terms of the abdomen. * Easily control non-fat if the food through the diet. * Ask for mercy. * Easily hurt the heart but slow to recover. August: * Like joking. * Courtesy and concern for others. * Brave and do not know the word fear. * He was a bit assertive and act of leadership. * Clever persuade others. * Too generous and acting ego. * Value of self-esteem is very high. * Haus will compliment. * Tremendous fighting spirit. * Quick & easy angry rampage. * Easy to anger if his words be resisted. * Very jealous. * Power pemerhatian sharp & precise. * Quick thinking. * A mind self-sufficient. * Like lead & led. * Nature of like chestnut. * Talented in painting, entertainment & silat. * Quick overwritten disease. * Learn to relax. * Attitude gloominess. * Romantic, loving, affectionate. * Like looking for friends. September: * Very polite. * Very carefully, thoroughly and regularly. * Like reprove the faults of others and criticize. * Quiet but good at talking. * Attitude is very cool, very good & easy sympathy. * Very attention and detailed, trustworthy, loyal & honest. * The work done was perfect. * Highly sensitive but not unknown. * The man who many think. * Brain wise & easy to learn. * Like looking edict. * Control yourself not to be too critical. * Clever push yourself. * Easy to understand others (a feeling that high power) because a lot of secrets. * Like to entertainment & travel. * Lack of showing his feelings. * Injury kept him very long. * Too choose a partner. * Systematic. October: * Loves those who love him. * Like to take jln middle. * Very charming & polite. * Beauty & the outer. * Not good at lying and pretending. * Easy to feel sympathy, either, more interested in friends. * Always be friends. * His heart was easily distracted but merajuknya shortly. * Fast furious. * Does not help people unless prompted. * Like to see from their own perspective. * Do not like to receive the views of others. * Emotions are easily disturbed. * Like chestnut & intelligent conversation. * Emotions gloominess. * Power is very strong hunch (especially women). * Like travel, literature & art field. * Compassionate, loving & gentle. * Romantic Dlm romance. * Easily distracted hearts & jealous. * Take the weight of others. * Like the activities outside. * People who are fair. * Boros & easily influenced surroundings. * Easily discouraged. November: * A lot of ideas. * It is difficult to understand or understood her attitude. * Minded forward. * Unique minded and wise. * Full of new ideas extraordinary. * Thought sharp. * Operation is very smooth and feeling high. * Good to be a doctor. * Carefully and thoroughly. * Nature of secretive, intelligent picking and looking for secrets. * Many think, less talk but intimate. * Brave, generous, loyal, and patient. * Too gnarly and hard-hearted. * If want to be cultivated so successfully. * Not like mad unless sued. Other * way of thinking from others. * The brain is very sharp. * Clever push yourself. * Does not appreciate praises. * Strength of spirit and fighting spirit is very high and if want something to try until it works. * Agency which tough. * Love and emotions are very deep. * Romantic. * It is uncertain with the bonds of affection. * Like sit / stay at home. * It is very diligent and highly capable. * Amanah, honest, loyal and clever secretive. * Not how victorious in controlling emotions. * Aspiring high. * Temperament can not be predicted and easily changeable. December: * Very loyal and generous. * Is patriotic. * Very active in the game and the association. * The attitude of impatience and haste. * Aspiring high. * Like a person who influenced Dlm oranganisasi. * Glad if accompanied. * Like hanging out with people. * Like commendable, given the attention and love to be stroked. * Very honest. * Not good at pretending. * Fast furious. * The changing temperament. * No ego despite a very high self-esteem. * Hate when restrained. * Like joking. * Smart jokes and think with logic. CALCULATING THE NATURE THROUGH THE BIRTH RATE Want to know the nature of our birth rates or from your vacation? Cobain deh this one! Ngitung own way Fertility Rate calculator use, gini nih how, for example: * 26 April 1962 2 6 4 1 9 6 2 = 30 3 0 = 3 (number of birth) * December 21, 1974 2 1 12 1 9 7 4 = 36 3 6 = 9 (birth rate) So if month of October, November or December immediately written 10 or 11 or 12. Do not add up past like 12 = 1 2. Well, how easy is it? If so, you can see nature or character you doi you from the list below: Figures for the birth of a boy or girl usually has a birth rate of one a simple appearance, kind of quiet, and if not need-need ngeluarin very rarely talk. Got the impression minderan. But if I've fallen in love, do not ask again. Doi alias will forward undaunted struggle to win over their beloved ones. Likewise, in pursuing its goals. Whose name will climb a high mountain. Whose name would disebranginya vast ocean. Second birth rate Doi loves ama a harmonious environment, sociable and good at bringing self. No wonder if a guy or girl who was born two numbers have a lot of friends everywhere. Only so many have a friend, sometimes like ngelupain doi yayangnya, especially kalo udah ama her friends get together. Doi actual fact the kind loyal, romantic anymore. 3 birthrate Kalo ama met a guy or girl who has a birth rate of 3 ... hmm ... do not tell a lie aja kalo glance. You see a girl or a boy with a birth rate three already destined to have a charisma, a charm. Doi also most can not see those around anymore trouble. Easy pity and mild hand. His loyalty also can not be doubted. For him, the boyfriend is one. Just a little passive. Doi wants to advance the green light from the crush of people again. Figures 4 Boy or girl born with a birth rate of 4 had a topnotch responsibility toward anything that was his job. Serious in dealing with various problems. Ambitious and stubborn. By their very nature, the love affairs doi never going back to get her moorings. Loyal and attentive ama yayangnya. And one weakness, doi heavy jealous. The disadvantage is that often make it fail in lovemaking. 5 Appearances birth rate boy or girl with a birth rate of this 5-rada rada cool. Like not ignore the weather. His manner was nonchalant. Got a personality that is easily shaken and not shock-resistant. But in matters of love, let alone the matter of loyalty deserves thumbs up. Okay got deh. Doi also very dear ama yayangnya although rarely shown. Only drawback, doi have excessive jealousy. Figures 6 boy or girl born with a birth rate of 6 always come first appearance. Anywhere, anytime always wants to look neat, hair combed, shirt and pants ironed smooth, shiny polished shoes. Moreover, if again fall in love. Wow! Guy or girl who has a birth rate of 6 is very adorable loyalty and affection really ama yayangnya. Where to go always dikawalnya yayangnya aja. Birth Figures 7 Boys or girls who had a birth rate of 7 usually humorous. For him there is no day without laughing. Have money do not have money .. has a girlfriend is not got a girlfriend, bawaanya always cheerful. Cheap same smile and quickly adapt the new environment. His style was also carried away in style pacarannya. For example, in trapping incarannya always use tactics joking. From there it can be guessed doi signs of a crush of about okay or not. Loyal and attentive. In fact, if longer go or longer apart had in mind just yayangnya. Birth rate 8 At first glance looks seriously impressive. Most hooked chat. Especially if already talking ngobrolin topics mastered, could well stand for hours. Easy on those newly familiar stranger. In addition, the guy or girl who has a birth rate of 8 is more like a behind the scenes. And like the same if the opposite sex would not expect doi nunjukin dislike attitude. At most, doi brave like steal of view, attentive and always with yayangnya wants close. The day the world did not see him as willing to doomsday. Figures 9 boy or girl born with a birth rate of 9 features daily performances are always cool. Like girl talk and a bit grumpy. Just a little offended, quick-tempered. And if already angry like forgotten sikon, but only briefly ngumbar angry. In matters of romance, doi always menomorsatukannya. Even tend to prefer ngurusin ngurusin other than romance, such as the future for example. And if you already love, wants sticks continues like a stamp. MEANING OF DREAMS dreams have meaning or a sign that something will happen. But is it really a sign become a reality, according to Javanese horoscope, depending on the number of days neptu when we dream. Dreams will become reality if the number of neptu 7, 10, 13, and 16, referred to as Sasmitaningroh. Total neptu 8, 11, 14, and 17 belong to the Daradasih, which also will become a reality. While the number of neptu 9, 11, 15, and 18 belong to the group Cakrabawa, which will not come true. When would be a dream come true in a matter of days, months, or years. Here are a number of dreams and their meaning: Dream sprayed the snake, will get a mate. Bitten by a snake dream, to be injured by someone. Seeing all the dead snake nest or see a snake molting, will live long. Dream dismantle the cemetery, will get a fortune from winning the lottery or betting. Dream treating or holding people who have died, will get a lot of good fortune. Dream of bathing in the well itself, will be sick. Dream bathing in the river where the water is swift, but it will hurt a speedy recovery. Dream Bath in the river there is no water, rejekinya drag. Dream Kecebur wells or rivers, will have trouble. Dream to swim in time or sea, his wish will be fulfilled. Dreams drift in time, will have trouble. Dream diving in murky waters, will get into trouble. Dream dive in the clear lake, it would take the country. Dream Diving in very cold water, will be seriously ill. Dreams go up the mountain without any difficulty, will be promoted. Dreams go up the mountain with great difficulty, will face a tricky problem. Dream Being in the top of the mountain, will receive grace. Dream Up the mountain, then met you, will get the glory. Dream told to occupy other people's homes, will get a promotion. Dreams have a rooster, will get a boy. Dreams have a chicken or bird, the wife would conceive. Dream eat apem, will get money. Dreams Eating rice and vegetables, will be sick. Dreams Eating while standing, will receive money in significant amounts. Dreams Eating with famous people, will be promoted to the rank or position. Dreams Eating meat, will get good. Dreams of drinking water, will be able to science. Drinking muddy water, will get the money is not kosher. Drinking hot water, will get a fortune. Dreams are gravely ill, will receive salvation and glory. Dreams feel happy, be difficult or painful. Dreams feel hot, will get the money they are entitled. Feeling cold, will lose. Dreams out of the woods, will lose. Dreams burn the forest, will have the honor. Dream hair loss, will be badly wounded. Dream shaved, will lose. Dream perfume doused his head, will get a fortune. His head is held by a person dreams, his wish would come true. Dreams wounds on the body, will get a fortune. Dream body injured people, will get a crash. Dental dream date, a family member died. Dreams hold dirt, will get a fortune. Seeing a dream dirt lot, will lose the goods that are hidden to others. Dreams see elephant carcasses, will receive large amounts of money. Dreams walking with women not his wife, will lose. Dreams meet with the man who is known, the desire will materialize. Dream hurt others, will have trouble. Dreams take off her clothes or clothes left behind, will lose. Dream warrior wear clothing, will get a crash. Wearing clothing of the poor, will receive the fun things, Wearing clothing of the dead, will rise office. Wearing oversized clothes, will get money. Dreams go mengaji, will succeed in the job. Dreams go or ride to the mosque, will receive grace. Dream ride horses, will be able to trouble. Dream ride an elephant or accompanied by elephants, his wish will come true. Dream bitten by animals, there are people who put heart. Dream split the money with a husband / wife, would divorce. Dream fight with his wife using a sharp weapon, would make a profit. Dreams go up the tree, will die. Dream picking coconuts or cut down trees, would suffer pain. Dream to see the big tree fell down, would have disastrous catastrophe. Dream cry at home, will have fun. If crying in the street, will be difficult. Dream is to sing, will have trouble. Dream naked, be ashamed. Dream dancing or dancing, will face the danger. Dreams have guests who are sick, will get relief. Dreams are caring for older people, will get a fortune. Dream thief chased, will get a fortune. Dreams are in the dark, would sin. Dreams washing face, will be released from care. Dreams to slaughter chickens, will lose a parent. Dreams kill the buffalo, will get money. Dream travel far, will be stricken with disease. Dream run but blocked the fence, his ideals or desires are not met. Dreams Go to the market, will be able to cash. Dreams fall while running, will quit his job.

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